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The 10 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love with a Programmer

Written by Gloria. Posted in Daily Life.

By Randall Munroe - http://www.xkcd.com/605/

This is a guest post by my lovely wife Gloria. Check out her blog at http://twoceliacsandababy.com/

I had the fortunate experience of growing up in a family of programming nerds. We first got onto computers when a 286 came into the house. I remember being 9 or 10 and running around on bulletin board systems. We were running around super underage in the mIRC and ICQ days. I still remember the inappropriate things people said and having no idea what it meant.

When you hit your teens and you spend 12 hours a day on a Star Wars MUD, the next natural thing your parents may say to you is, “Go to college for computers. That’s where the future is.”

Maybe silly, but I went, “nah, you’re parents – you don’t know what you’re talking about! I want to help people instead!” I went to school for nursing.

But I didn’t completely fail them. 

I fell in love with and married a programmer. I’m lucky enough to already speak his language… well, sort of.

These are the 10 Things That Happened in My Life when I fell in love with a Programmer.

  1. There are many days where your conversations need an interpreter. He speaks in code, he thinks in code, he rambles in code. You very quickly learn the importance of the *smile and nod*.
  2. His code talk rubs off on you. You start to think in code. You spend your evening over dinner discussing what a “problem” is and how to “define solutions.” You stop asking yourself if this is normal.
  3. Your house will become more tech-y than you have any conscious need for. You’ll come home one day and hear these words, “I set up our own cloud server today!” Uhh… what for? “Come on! Check this out! Be excited!” True story. (Note from Marcel: I actually said I set up our ownCloud server today)
  4. Separating from Technology is difficult. His newspaper is not the old fashion kind that you hold in your hand and read over coffee. When the alarm goes off at 0600, he’s reading Pulse news. All day long, there’s some sort of electronic attached to his hand. In rebellious defiance, you are deciding to keep your children away from technology as long as possible.
  5. You have more computers, laptops, USB cables and other cables than you need. If you can’t find something, you have to wait until you can ask him where he hid it. It’s frequently hiding in all of the other cables. Never mind trying to look for it.
  6. He has to have his own office. Really, it’s a room for the computers and cables. He’s never in there (because laptops move downstairs…) but he really really has to have that room.
  7. You have to become an early adopter. For those of you without business backgrounds, this is the thing that makes you purchase the coolest, newest, most “necessary” piece of technology that will make your life better before everyone else gets the hint that they need it. You had it first. He has a Pebble watch. I have a Moto 360. I’m not sure my life is more fulfilled.
  8. You have to draw the line at hi-tech huskies. There’s no reason that huskies should be hi-tech.
  9. You’ll also learn to think in lists (see what happened here?). You’ll think things like “what are the ten things that happen when you fall in love with a programmer….”
  10. There will never be a dull moment in the house. Techies are quirky – in the best way possible. They are amazing, intelligent, creative and always pushing for the next best thing. Your life will change in a good way. You’ll be challenged, learn new things, and hopefully have a bright future together.

At the end of the day and while it makes for quirky conversations, interesting dynamics, and sometimes awkward work events (the ones he takes you to), falling in love with a programmer and keeping him around has been one of the best decisions of my life. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend.

Thanks for reading.

Now, what are some of the quirky things your husbands (or wives!) do?

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