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And so it began...

Written by Marcel Folaron. Posted in News.

For months have I been playing with the idea to start this blog. I've debated, went through analysis paralysis and was wondering if I could actually do it.

Well here I am...

Ultimately my goal is to write down and share some beautiful pieces of code I've seen over the years, but also to discuss, whether software development with all of its intricate facets, could be considered art (the same way architecture is considered an art form) or if it's simply science. 

I've been sitting in rooms full of very smart people debating over 2-5 lines of code and the implications of changing them. Writing "good" code is a philosophy. A way of life if you will. It tells you something about the developer, the environment he/she lives in and the circumstances under which this particular piece of code came into place.

I am wondering, if one day, there are going to be "Code-Archeologists" (Codeologists, patent pending...) that will dig through thousands and thousands of lines of code to determine our way of life, our thought process and if we ate too much pizza.

But then on the other hand, writing code follows some very basic patterns. There is really no magic to it once you get the spin of it. We're writing the same code over and over again - data input, data manipulation, data output. 

Storing and writing from the same databases we've been using for years and using the same design patterns we've established decades ago. Is there an artistic process involved?

I look forward to discussions, feedback and what ever comes my way.


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